Introdução a Programação em Aceleradores com Diretivas

Professor: Esteban Hernandez

Horarios: Segunda 18/01 de 13:30h às 17:30h

Short CV: Esteban Hernandez is a Senior Big Data and Analytics Architect consultant for Professional Service on LatinAmerica, Canada and Caribbean to AWS and Assistance Professor from Distrital University Francisco José de Caldas. He got a bachelor degree in Network Computer, a Postgraduate on Network Computer Software programming at Autonomous University of Colombia, a Master degree in Open Source Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, Colombia, a Master degree in Open Source with focus on multicore performance analysis in Cataluña Open University, Spain and a PhD on Engineering Distrital University Francisco Jose de Caldas, Colombia.
Esteban Hernandez is a senior Software architect with deep knowledge on non functional requirements as availability, performance, security and capacity. As part of his professional development, have done research in Deep learning models for Face Recognition and Bus Lane Detection using Machine Learning and Big Data over platforms with Massive Parallel Processors (Gpus, arm, multicore solutions) with tools as OpenMPI, OpenMP, Nvidia NVCC, Tensorflow, Mxnet, Intel MKL and using hadoop-like platforms using Hadoop HDFS, Apache Spark,